Security system

In order to ensure the highest level of protection for your online payments

we have implemented procedures and mechanisms that help avoid possible risks and guarantee security when making money transfers.

Basic security principles of our online payments system:

  1. Perekaz24 online transfer system does not require or store a payment card number. We do not know your card number and do not use it in any way.
  2. You provide the payment card number to the payment operator (eCard S.A). This method of approving transactions performed by our system is not possible without additional authentication involving another payment operator.
  3. Your personal data that is used for logging in and initializing re-registration is protected from interception or theft by encrypting it with an SSL certificate. The entire process is encrypted, from the moment you log in to the moment you log out of the account (the “end-to-end” data protection method).
  4. All important information that concerns you and that we send you will be available only after you successfully log in to your account.

the most common dangers associated with making online payments

Personal data theft

“Personal data theft” consists of unauthorized access to your account. Scammers are interested in: last name, first name, address of registration (residence), identification number, and bank card number. Using this personal data, internet scammers can, for example, use it to illegally obtain a loan, as well as make purchases online.

How can I protect my personal data?

  1. Take care of the confidentiality of personal data – do not indicate them in publications on the internet and do not disclose them in everyday life.
  2. Use only verified payment services on the internet that provide an encrypted connection and have a security certificate (it is most often recognized by the green color of the code in the address bar of the Internet Browser).
  3. Never respond to messages that come to your email with a request to provide personal data, especially:
    • first and last name;
    • parents’ names;
    • place and date of birth;
    • identification numbers;
    • payment card numbers;
    • one-time access codes provided by the system/bank when making payments;
    • account login details: username and password.
  4. Regularly check your account’s transaction history to detect suspicious payment or settlement transactions that you didn’t make.
  5. Before shutting down your web browser, be sure to log out of your account or our service.

Phishing – what is it?

Phishing (Eng. Phishing) is an illegal attempt to seize personal data (usernames and passwords, bank card numbers, and other information) under the guise of requests from other individuals or organizations that enjoy your trust. The most common type of phishing is sending emails from a fake internet address or on behalf of another user. Please note that perekaz24 money transfer system never asks in online correspondence to:

  • submit or confirm bank payment card numbers,
  • submit or confirm your password,
  • submit or confirm the user’s username.

Electronic correspondence from perekaz24 money transfer system never contains the software or files for its installation, which is contained in the attachment to the email.

How can I recognize an email or internet page intended for phishing?

Fake internet page

Most often, it is practiced to copy an internet page so that after logging in to the prepared deceptive page, the user does not recognize any changes and enters its personal data there.
You need to pay attention to the internet address of the www page visible in the browser window and check other sections and bookmarks on this page to make sure that the information posted there corresponds to the content of the bookmark name and works smoothly. You can also pay attention to the presence of spelling errors in informational ads on the page, or to the atypical (or modified) appearance of the login window.

Messages that fraudulently require you to provide confidential data

If you have received an email with detailed instructions on how to proceed with your account in our perekaz24 system, do not click on the specified links that require further entry of confidential or personal data.
If you receive an email with an application file attached to it (in the form of invoices, statements, statements, or other similar documents) in a format other than PDF, do not open this application and forward this e-mail message to [email protected]
If you receive any other e-mail that may look similar to a message from perekaz24 system, please forward this message to [email protected]
After receiving this email, we will check the suspicious text and the internet address from which it was sent and provide a response to whether we sent this message.
Such a message can help other users avoid such a danger, as well as help us prevent and stop illegal actions that may harm other users.

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