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How do I start using Perekaz24?

Complete a quick registration and create an account in Perekaz24 service. Enter the data of your documents. Specify the phone number in order to contact you in case of any questions related to the transfer. To complete the process, go to the email address specified during registration and activate your account.

I didn't receive an email with a link to activate my account.

If you can't find the message in any of your mailbox folders, resubmit. This option will appear when you try to log in your inactive account. To make sure that the message appears in your mailbox next time, we recommend adding [email protected] to your email program's contact list before sending it.

Can I change my data after registration?

Keep your information always up to date! You can make changes to the parameters of the account request using the "My Data" tab. You can also change the currency selected during registration or the system access password.

How can I increase the transfer limits?

The increased transfer limits are USD 8000 per month or the equivalent in your chosen currency and are only available from the sender's cards confirmed in Perekaz24 system. Use the "increase limit" function and complete card verification.

Can I have more than one account?

Duplication of accounts in Perekaz24 service is prohibited! If you need to make changes, use the "My Data" tab., if you need to increase the limits - complete card verification procedure. Creating duplicate registrations will block transfers sending.

What should I do if I forgot my login password?

If you forgot your password, you can always recover it. Go to the login page of your profile and select the "Password recovery" function."

Why can't I verify my card?

The sender's card is verified. During the verification, carefully choose the appropriate type of card and fill in the required fields. The system will report which field is incorrectly filled with a red frame around it giving a hint for correction. If an error occurs, check that the browser is up-to-date, update it if necessary, or use another one. If this card has already been verified in the system - use another one.

How can I check if the recipient has received my transfer?

You can check the current transfer status in the "transaction history" after logging in to your perekaz24 account. If the recipient is paid a transfer, it will have the status "paid". If you have any questions about your transfer, you can always get information using the "Complaint" function.

Does Perekaz24 service operator have access to my bank card details?

The operator does not have any access to the number and other data of your cards. All entered information is sent via a secure form directly to the acquirer's certified eCard S.A. server and it is not stored in the service system.

How to delete my Perekaz24 account?

The account can be blocked by the administrator. To do this, just send an email using a special form that you will know by logging in to your account.

What is the transfer implementation time?

The transfer will be credited to the recipient's card or it will be ready to be received in cash at the bank's cash desk within a few minutes of its implementation. Receiving a cash transfer depends on the opening hours of your chosen bank branch.

What is the transfer cost?

The fee for each transfer sent is 1.99% of the amount, plus 0.49 EUR. No additional fees are charged upon receipt.

How can I deposit funds for the transfer?

Perekaz24 uses all modern online payment methods: using Mastercard or Visa bank card, using Google Pay/Apple Pay virtual card, using BLIK system, or directly from a bank account (this feature is available exclusively for Poland).

Why can't I pay for the transfer?

Make sure that you have the latest version of the browser installed, the card type, all data and confirmation codes you enter without errors, and there are no restrictions on the sender's card (regarding the limits for making payments on the internet, there are sufficient funds available in the account, the card is activated and has an up-to-date validity period). If you have a problem, try changing your browser, making a payment using an alternative method available in our service, or using a different card to make a transfer. For more information about the refusal to conduct a transaction, please contact the bank that issued the card.

How many transfers per day can I send?

In perekaz24 system, there is no limit on the number of transfers, only a daily limit on the total amount of transfers is set. If the transfer is made to a bank card, the issuing banks may set additional limits or restrictions in accordance with the rules and tariffs for servicing the recipient's card.

Do I need to specify the point of receipt when sending a money transfer with cash payment?

When sending a money transfer, the point of receipt is not specified. You can receive a transfer at any partner bank in Ukraine. The nearest branch can be found using the map of the nearest points on Perekaz24 website

What cards can I use to send a transfer to Ukraine?

Payment of the transfer is made to Mastercard and Visa cards of any Ukrainian banks. The card account must be in UAH. Cards of recipients of legal entities and sole proprietors are not serviced.

Can I send a transfer to a country other than Ukraine?

At the moment, Perekaz24 performs transfers only in the direction of Ukraine, but we have plans for the future. Follow the service's news!

What should I do if the recipient has a problem receiving the transfer?

Make sure that the recipient's data was up-to-date (the recipient's card has not expired, the card belongs to an individual, the recipient's card account is in UAH, and there are no limits on crediting funds). If you want to make changes using the "Complaint" function in your profile, please provide us with the recipient's new banking details. We will process your request and make payment of the transfer!

Can I cancel the transaction?

No, the transaction is implemented instantly and automatically.

What payment card should the transfer recipient have?

The transfer to an individual can be sent to any Mastercard or Visa payment card issued by any Ukrainian bank, and the card account is in UAH.

What currency can I get a transfer in?

The transfer can be paid to the card in UAH (UAH), or received in cash in foreign currency (USD/EUR) at the branches of our partner banks throughout Ukraine.

Can I get currency on my bank card?

Only PrivatBank customers, after receiving the transfer control number, can transfer funds to their currency card using the banking application and choosing the Welsens system. The sender must make the money transfer in USD or Euro

What do I need to receive a cash transfer?

At the branch of the partner bank, the recipient shall provide: an identity document (passport), a transfer control number, and information that the transfer was sent in the Wellsend/Meest system.

How do I find the nearest transfer payment point?

There are more than 3,500 money transfer payment points in Ukraine. The nearest branch can be found using the map of the nearest points on Perekaz24 website.

Within which period of time should the recipient collect the cash transfer?

You have 30 days to receive a cash transfer from the date of sending it.

What happens if the recipient doesn't receive the transfer on time?

If the transfer is not received within 30 days, please contact us to change the recipient of the transfer.

Does the recipient pay for receiving the transfer?

No, the recipient does not pay any additional fee.

The money was debited from the sender's account but was not credited to the recipient's account.

Depending on the payment processing regulations of the recipient's bank, sometimes crediting the transfer may take additional time. You can always contact us for more information, but we assure you that we monitor each transfer and do our best to deliver it to the recipient as soon as possible.

What should I do if the recipient has provided a card that cannot be used to pay the transfer?

If the transfer was not paid for, the sender provides us with new recipient details using the "Complaint" function in your profile. We will process the request and transfer it!

Is my personal data protected?

Perekaz24 service operator has implemented and applies the rules and procedures for the protection of users' personal data, which are required by Regulation No. 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union d.d. April 27, 2016. Detailed information about the processing and protection of personal data can be found in the "Privacy Policy" posted on our website

Does the recipient see the sender's bank account or card number?

Neither we nor the recipient sees any card or account numbers. They do not get into our system and are not stored by us. Data in secure mode is entered by the client directly to the payment Administrator's server.

Why does Perekaz24 service operator not require any documents, unlike other similar companies and services?

The service operator is a company registered in Poland and operating in accordance with the legislation of the country of registration. The Polish law on prevention of money laundering obtained by criminal means does not impose an obligation on the company to collect copies of documents.

What types of payment cards does the money transfer system work with?

Transactions are possible using payment cards allowed by Visa or MasterCard rules.

What is 3D Secure?

3D Secure is a new technology that increases the level of security when conducting online transactions by identifying the cardholder using a verification code sent by the card issuer bank to the personal number of its owner.

What is the CVC2/CVV2 code and where can I find it?

CVC2/CVV2 code is used to protect transactions made using the card number on the internet. CVC2/CVV2 code is located on the back of the card. These are the last three digits printed next to the card number on the signature line.

Can I pay for a transfer with a card that I don't own?

No, according to the regulations, the account must be registered to the same person who is the cardholder.

Can anyone do the transfer instead of me?

Do not share information, passwords, personal card data, or authorization codes with third parties, especially strangers, no matter how much they convince you of this. Compliance with financial security rules is the highest priority in our work. When clarifying information, perekaz24 managers always ask you to submit information using in your own profile using the "Complaint" function.

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