Corporate Standards

Information on approval for the implementation of

“corporate standards for supervisory institutions” issued by the Financial Supervision Commission (KNF), the service operator – Meest Transfer Sp. z o.o.

Management of Meest Transfer Sp. z o.o. (in Pol. Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością – equated in the way of ownership to a limited liability company) with a legal address in Kielce (hereinafter “the Company”) accepted for execution the “Corporate rules for supervisory institutions” issued by the Financial Supervision Commission (KNF) (hereinafter “the Rules”) in the sphere of competence and duties of the board, that is, servicing the interests of the Company and representing its interests in accordance with generally accepted legal norms, the Company’s agreements and internal regulatory regulations, approved by the Company.
Remark: § 13 of the Resolution 1 “Corporate rues” in the matter of a collegial management body will not be applied, based on the current organizational structure of the Company, as well as the nature of the activities of the enterprise that belongs to the Company, or provided that at the meeting of co-owners of the Company it is decided to expand the composition of members of the management board of the Company, thereby introducing collegiality. The Company’s Management Board has accepted the remaining “Corporate rules”, with the exception of the following sections and paragraphs:

  1. The Company does not use Section 4 of the “Corporate rules”, which concerns the body exercising control, since the members of the management board did not provide for the creation of such a body in the terms of the charter.
  2. Section 9 of the “Corporate rules” concerning Asset Management at the client’s own risk will not be applied due to the fact that the Company does not operate in this area. At the meeting of co-owners of the “Company”, the “Rules” was accepted for implementation within the framework of the competencies granted to them, and the deviation from the rules was applied in the following points:
  3. § 28, resolution 3 and 4 of “Corporate rules” in the field of representation by the body that, through the supervisory body, evaluates and establishes the principles of functioning of the remuneration policy and the body that evaluates whether the established remuneration policy contributes to the development of the security of the supervisory institution’s activities
  4. § 29 of the resolution 2 and 3 of the “corporate rules”, which are in the process of determining by the body providing remuneration to members of the supervisory body, as well as the conditions for granting this remuneration;
  5. § 30 of the resolution 1 and 2 principles that are within the scope of competence of the supervisory authority to implement and comply with the conditions for receiving remuneration by members of the Supervisory Authority

The full text of the “Corporate rules” can be found on the website of the Financial Supervision Commission (KNF)

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